John Booth

Not the Chilcot Report

When I asked for this book in one of London’s radical bookshops, I was told they didn’t stock the work of a Tory columnist. The kindly assistant didn’t know that Peter Oborne had written a fine book on South-African-born cricketer Basil D’Oliveira, confirming with solid evidence the long-held suspicions of anti-apartheid campaigners about the malign roles of business and politicians in Pretoria and London and the conspiracy hatched with the Lord’s cricket establishment.

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Dissent and Delight

As we ring in the new year there’s good reason for us to seek with Alfred Lord Tennyson – – “the larger heart, the kindlier hand”. Fear that grows with pandemic warnings, climate change threats, rising inequality and all the rest of the “grief that saps the mind” can easily discourage us from reaching out for anything, settling instead for the same...

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